AV Makes Halloween Great Again

October 10, 2016

Remember when Halloween was actually scary. Remember when everything didn't have to be child-friendly, child-proof, and child-safe. Atomic Vaudeville remembers. You might think Halloween is for children, but we're not letting them ruin things anymore. Let's take back our holiday from those snot-nosed, cookie-munching, milk-sucking, bratty, whiny, tattle-tale PC crybabies and make Halloween great again! Wait... did you just call me a racist!?


The October 31st show will have an amazing DJ Dance Party after the show included in the price of your ticket!


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AV VIP's beat the lines and sit in their regal section while enjoying bar to table service and treats, with their first drink included. AV royalty at its finest!

Coarse Language


Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret Series #73

Make Halloween Great Again

Victoria Event Centre – 1415 Broad St.

Oct21st,22nd,28th,29th,30th,31st – 8pm


Tickets: www.ticketrocket.co / (250) 590-6291 /101-804 Broughton Rd.

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Atomic Vaudeville is a non-profit society and your support and donations have made it possible for  Atomic Vaudeville to create original cabarets and award winning new works over the last ten years.


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