Thank you Victoria

June 23, 2017


Thank you Victoria! Because of you, our run of Hedwig and the Angry Inch was a truly magical experience. We absolutely depend of people like you to come out and be part of the audience, see the shows, and spread the word. You did it. You're amazing. Sincerely, thank you.


What's in the future for Atomic Vaudeville? We'll be back soon with our next Cabaret, we're proud to bring The Rocky Horror Show back this fall, we have 2 original musicals in the works, and, due to the overwhelming reception we received on this run we're already looking into bringing Hedwig back next year and even bringing her out on tour!


Now then, the run of Hedwig was pretty amazing, but it also couldn't have happened without the generous support of our sponsors, we'd like to take a minute to let you know about all of them. 



First off, a big thank you to everyone at Intrepid Theatre. Few companies in town can get stuff done quite like Intrepid can. Hell, they've got another festival starting up now! (check out the OUT Stages) What Intrepid brings to the theatre community in Victoria can't be understated, the support, the risks, the venues, the amazing staff, they've got it all. Intrepid literally means "fearless or adventurous", this company couldn't have chosen a better name.




We were thrilled to begin a partnership with KiSS 103.1 FM for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. KiSS FM is Victoria's #1 Hit Music Station, giving you a little something awesome to listen to no matter if you're driving, at work, at home, or wherever life might bring you. Beyond all that, we learned that as a company they're a delight to work with! You don't always find that in radio partnerships, but we found it in spades with KiSS. So turn your dial to 103.1 and give them a listen. Extra shout out to Bailey Parker, your show really helped get the word out.






What's not to love about the Phillips Brewing Company? One of Victoria's best craft breweries has been pushing the boundaries of what beer should be since August 2001. Whether you're keeping it traditional with a delicious Blue Buck, ramping it up with Electric Unicorn, or satisfying yourself with their rotating seasonal brews, you won't be disappointed. On top of all that, Phillips has been an incredible supporter of the arts in this city, and trust us, it hasn't gone unnoticed. We at Atomic Vaudeville love Phillips, go grab yourself a growler fill.




We were thrilled to bring the tastes of the Cowichan Valley's own Merridale Cider to Hedwig. It's delicious. It's local. It's the way that cider should be. Look, sometimes getting a cider can be risky, it's too sweet, it's too dry, it's filled with knives, you know the deal. Merridale is perfect, it's delicious, refreshing, and made with love. Try it. You'll love it.




Since 2010, Culture Vulture has been covering the arts, entertainment, and lifestyles of Victoria and Vancouver Island, and what they've brought to the table has been an incredible addition to the community. Seen on Shaw TV and their own award-winning online magazine, the crew at CVTV has their fingers on the pulse of this city in the way that others can only dream. If you're looking for something to do in town, turn to Culture Vulture to find out just what's happening.







What's not to love about The Joint Pizzeria? Yes, they've been a supporter of Atomic Vaudeville and the arts for years, but you know what else? They make really good pizza. It's delicious. Flavours and toppings that you might not always expect on a pizza, but that always blend seamlessly into each rapturous bite that will send your palate over the edge and leave you coming back for more. Eat in, take out, get it delivered, whatever you do, just know that The Joint is some of the best pizza in the city of Victoria, and that's a promise.





Dowell's Moving & Storage have been a supporter of ours for some time, and, honestly, we couldn't do the kinds of productions that we do without them. If you need something moved, or if you need to store something for a little while, contact Dowell's first, they're great at what they do, and are a delight.




Where did all those Gummi Bears come from? Bulk Barn. That's where. They sell so much more than Gummi Bears too - and at great prices - plus, as an added bonus, you can bring your own jars from home. So don't worry about breaking the bank while getting your oats or your hemp seeds, head to Bulk Barn and do it up right. 




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thank you to our generous sponsors...

Atomic Vaudeville would like to thank all of its amazing supporters, members and donors!


Atomic Vaudeville is a non-profit society and your support and donations have made it possible for  Atomic Vaudeville to create original cabarets and award winning new works over the last ten years.


Donations can now be made through Paypal by clicking below or by contacting AV at


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